Response to Rettberg’s “What is a Blog?”

In ch. 1 of Blogging, Rettberg goes over the many aspects of a blog to help us understand “What is a Blog?”  She discusses how one sets up a blog, various types of blogs, and a brief history of blogs.  Looking into these topics we find that there is not a clean-cut definition for a blog.  We can look at it as a medium, a “blogging software,” or a genre that calls for “frequency, brevity and personality.”  There is a common layout of 2 or 3 columns with unit posts that are arranged in reverse chronological order, yet a blog is not constrained to these commonalities.  There are always exceptions especially since the internet is always changing and evolving.  Blogs are a platform for people to be creative and with this freedom one can change up the style and layout.

How are blogs a part of Web 2.0?

In class we have discussed that Web 2.0 is essentially looking at internet as a platform for things user produced rather than information traditionally being produced by major companies or corporations.  The user can use the blog as a filterblog (post links to other sites), diary (personal “slice of life”), and a topic driven (fashion, politics, etc.).

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  1. This is true, your understanding. I wonder, however, if you agree with her? Is there any point in the piece that you contest? You mention that Web 2.0 is “as a platform for things user produced.” Is this true? What evidence do you have?


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